Writing and posting regular blogs are an essential part of online communication, something every digital marketer and any business with an online presence knows. Churning out blogs just to get noticed is not really the point though – writing a quality blog that educates and entertains is likely to have a bigger impact. So how do you determine if your blog is good quality? The real value of an article is its ability to resonate with its readers and to achieve this, you can focus on three main areas when reviewing your writing:

  1. Clarity

How clear is your article? Are you able to communicate your idea simply and crisply, without going off topic halfway through your blog? Unless you’re writing a guide, it’s best to focus your writing on one big idea – the point of blogs is not to drown your audience with facts and figures. Your headline should make a promise of what your article is about – how your audience can benefit from reading your blog. When reviewing your writing, you should aim to cut any text that doesn’t relate to your original idea, or deliver on your headline promise.

  1. Flow

The body of your blog should take your reader on a journey, from the first sentence that states your objective, to the middle that supports the idea and the ending that gives readers a payoff. If you find yourself veering off the topic, stop – save that idea for your next blog post. A good quality article should have the kind of continuity that makes reading the article effortless and leads the reader to your desired conclusion. Try and keep a logical frame of mind so your message has a steady flow to your payoff.

  1. Shareability

Probably one of the most important aspects of your blog writing, is to get your content shared. If your readers don’t connect with your writing, they’re unlikely to pass it on. One of the easiest ways to establish a connection, is to share something that elicits emotion – a personal story or an account of how something you did failed miserably – empathy goes a long way with audience resonance.

When writing a blog, it’s important to stay audience-focused. Create content that your readers will engage with and promote your business at the same time. Your readers will appreciate new content, one idea at a time, in an easy-to-read structure that shows them a real benefit at the end.

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