The web can be a wonderful and limitless space, however far too often newbie sites get lost in the clutter of web traffic. This is unfortunate, as the web holds many distinct advantages over other types of advertising (such as being able to act as a 24/7 salesman, reaching a larger number of people and getting to potential clients the minute they are looking for what you have to offer on the internet) .

Make sure your site works in different browsers

Preparing your website for a wide variety of browsers such as Internet Explorer, Firefox and Safari is an important part of your website design. Some website developers will tell you that, if a website takes 10 hours to design for Firefox, it will take another 3 hours of programming to ensure it works in Internet Explorer. Whether you are an expert programmer or not – it’s important to test the look of your website in various browsers before the site is launched.

Keeping your site simplistic is not just an aesthetic consideration as the technical advantages are many fold. It is more attractive to see a clean uncluttered website, and the site’s speed and load times are greatly enhanced, which in turn increases viewer satisfaction. Use a consistent colour scheme, legible typefaces and keep the extras at a minimum. Users generally prefer speed, consistency and usability to animation.

When to use animation and interactive elements

That being said, interactivity can boost interest in your site. A delicate balancing act needs to be performed ensuring your site to make sure your website users are getting a unique experience (but not at the expense of frustrating them). Always give your user options. Options to skip the introduction, turn off the volume and proceed directly to the body of your site.

This in general will give you a much cleaner, more operational and hopefully more popular site. There are of course a myriad of other elements to consider, but with the basics outlined above, one would go a long way towards building efficient and user friendly websites.

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