Being drawn to a website is much like having ones appetite whet by a scrumptious looking plate of food.  So much of our time is spent online. Gone are the days of trying to find anything out that doesn’t involve a computer and a search engine.

Although it may sound simplified to the user it’s extremely difficult and competitive to the supplier or service provider. Why, one may ask? Simply put, the entire buffet of information is served up before you as opposed to just “one dish”. This means that each “dish” needs to shout that much louder with its presentation to make the user hone in on what’s most appealing.

The same principles apply to websites. Web design needs to be extremely attractive so that it captures the user’s interest. The eye needs to capture the information so quickly so that the brain is captivated and so that the user stops at that site without the need to move on. It should be a feeling of “yes! This is it!” There’s really only just one chance to engage the user before losing him to the next site.

The design needs to be fresh and inviting while clear and user friendly. It needs to be easy to follow. The balance with colour is crucial. It is easy to make the mistake of being so eye catching that it tips the scales on overwhelming. So often, less is more.

Remember the purpose of the design of the site. While information needs to be provided hooking the user to the specific site, verbosity and information over load will allow him to move on to the next. Once you’ve lost him, he’s gone for good.

Your goal is to get the person to “add to favourites”!

In a nutshell, be brief, be engaging and be practical. Be pleasant on the eye so that the user is not distracted. Don’t forget the “x-factor” to make your design unique.

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