Web design is a term that covers a number of skills including search engine optimisation, web graphic design, user-experience design and webpage authoring. In most occasions, a team of specialist works together in the process of designing a webpage though a single designer may accomplish the job.

There are simple strategies that a designer may use to increase traffic to a webpage. One of the most outstanding ways to do this is to spend some time brainstorming and doing intensive research on keywords. It is also important to write killer articles, which are also known as link-baits, to help direct more viewers to a specific webpage.

Another notable means of drawing significant traffic to a site is through online networking. Web designers advise that once a website is up and running, it is important to spare some time of the day to comment on other blogs in the same niche. One may also interact with other bloggers in his niche and link the website to others like it. This is a mode of making a website known to other bloggers in the niche.

Spark discussions in your niche

Enormous visits to a site may also be achieved by simply creating attention amongst data miners. This could be done through posting relevant questions in a bid to spark discussions. Other posts that might also be integrated in this strategy include posts that highlight news concerning a website.

The internet is the most diversified platform of product and service promotion and hence attracts viewers from all over the globe. Despite the existence of many viewers over the internet, only a few websites make a kill from it due to their updated strategies of drawing traffic.

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