If you thought Retweets and favourites were a great way to market on Twitter, think again – the new Twitter activity dashboard takes social media marketing to the next level. What does this dashboard offer that’s so different? Deep analytics – that’s what. Now users can gauge impressions and engagement rates for both promoted and regular Tweets.

The new Twitter analytics dashboard presents three new tools to Twitter marketing as follows:

  • Tweets – this dashboard tool allows you to access information on your Tweets for the past 28 days. This data will provide you with information on times of posts, media uploaded, hashtags and what call-to-actions you have used. Performance rates for every Tweet is provided and you will be able to see every Retweet, favourite, reply, impression and similar. The analytics dashboard will allow you to evaluate your content by comparing impressions and total engagement in real time.
  • Followers – this dashboard tool tells you more about the people who form part of your target audience. Here you can gather more insight on gender, age groups and the varied interests of your followers. This takes the guess work out of trying to figure out which Tweets work best – you can now see who has viewed and engaged with your Tweets.
  • Twitter Cards – these are used to help represent the content within your tweets. There are seven to choose from and they provide context of media and posts to viewers. Calls to action, additional media and content are provided by these cards, which drive traffic to your website or external links. The analytics dashboard ensures all users are provided with information that is scalable and valuable. If you are looking to create compelling and engaging messages for your viewers, this is the way to do it.

Enhance your social media marketing campaign with the help of WSI

You might have a presence on Twitter and other social media marketing platforms, but are they really working for you. If you want to ensure your business has an online presence that is noticed, recognised and trusted by your target audience, having a professional online marketing strategy is the way to go.

At WSI we specialise in social media marketing and can ensure your campaign is achieving your advertising objectives by assisting you with creating and implementing high quality content and media for the enjoyment of your consumers.

Our social media marketing services include social networking, social media marketing and social media optimisation. We can transform your online campaign into an effective advertising campaign that guarantees a great ROI for your business.

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