Determining whether you need a full time or a freelance copywriter really boils down to what your writing necessities are and whether you want an employee or not. Both options have their pros and cons – to figure out which one suits you, consider these four questions:

Four things to consider when hiring a copywriter

  • What are the intervals between copywriting projects? Choosing a full time copywriter would be beneficial if you have a lot of articles, blogs and press releases that need to be written. Remember that you will have to pay somebody for a full-time job – even if they have nothing to do, so consider your own workload and needs first.
  • What is your budget? Full time copywriters will earn a monthly salary like any other employee. They would also have the same benefits – such as medical aid, sick days, pension funds or any other type of benefits you offer your staff. A freelancer, on the other hand, is a much “safer” option if you are worried about your company’s cash flow.
  • Is long term reliability necessary? Do you need to build a long-term relationship with the copywriter or do you only need to hire a copywriter for a once-off project? Long term reliability requires the use of a full time copywriter. It will also save you time if you don’t have to brief each new freelancer on your style and copy requirements.
  • How big is your company? The larger your company is, the more needs there are for all sorts of copywriting. A large company will be able to benefit from hiring a full-time copywriter to take care of various report writing jobs.
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