Data analytics skills are increasingly sought-after in the digital marketing community. If you’re new to data analytics, then it is worthwhile researching which skills you can benefit from cultivating. Here is a brief overview:

  • Business / Domain Understanding

Data analysts are problem-solvers. They have to solve a problem in a specific context, so they would need to understand the variables within different businesses. Understanding the customers’ journey and how the business works are very important when looking to boost your data analytics abilities.

  • Mathematical Aptitude

To be able to make objective decisions, you will rely on mathematics and statistics. Being able to create your own predictive algorithms and classifications based on numbers are a key part of being a successful data analyst.

  • Technical Skills

After you’ve identified the problem and used mathematics and statistics to define the problem, you will need technical skills to evaluate the problem at scale. If, for example, you want to be able to determine which customers out of a million customers are going to churn, you will need a technological intervention to get to these answers. Python and MS SQL are some of the technical tools that are used for data analytics purposes.

  • Communication Skills

Like many other professions, you will need great communication skills to communicate the impact of your analysis to a wider group.

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