The key to writing effective copy is connecting with your audience and getting them to actively engage in your article. One of the best ways to do this is to get your creative juices flowing in order to create interesting and unique articles for your readers.

6 tips for creative copywriting

Applying these tips to your writing will set you on the right path to being a successful copywriter.

  • Incorporate a story. Getting your reader to relate to you is an important part of getting them to trust your product, service or article. Incorporating a story helps the reader connect with you on a more personal level.
  • Be specific. Being able to hold the attention of your reader is important. Make sure your writing is specific and to the point. Articles need to paint a believable picture in the reader’s mind to keep them engaged.
  • Bullet points are an excellent way to keep your reader attentive as they present information in a format that is more easily digested. It also encourages the reader to keep reading until the end.
  • Social Proof is another technique used to make your copywriting piece believable. Using testimonials from the public can be very helpful.
  • Set limitations. If your audience feels that there is limited response time (i.e. an offer that is available for a certain period only) they are more inclined to respond.
  • Conclusion. It is important for your conclusion to be catchy and thought-provoking. It should also sum up the general gist of your article. Pay special attention to your conclusion as this is what will stick in the reader’s mind.

These tips can be implemented in all facets of copywriting and will help to ensure your writing is read by many. Need help with your copywriting? Contact WSI South Africa.


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