Creating landing pages which convert your clicks into ka-ching is the real secret to social media success. But knowing how to do this is another story altogether. A lot of people want to (and often truly do) believe their page is going to be wildly successful, but are left wanting when it fails to generate clicks. Read on for a few tips on how to create a killer landing page and to see who can help you along the way.

How to achieve success with your landing page

A landing page is the first thing you will see when seeking information on a certain subject. This is why many people, when creating landing pages for their respective products, try to focus as much information into it as possible in order to inform the potential customer about what they will be receiving. This is your first major mistake. Instead of focusing your landing page on what you will get as a product, tell the consumer about what it will do for them. This will give you the ability to paint a visual image in their head of the benefits which shall be reaped post purchase.

However, there is a fine line which needs to be created between product description and product benefits. A great landing page needs to highlight both a product’s benefits as well as its key features in order to inform the customer correctly. It’s no use them reading marketing fluff and jargon about what you are offering only to be left walking away in confusion not knowing what it ACTUALLY does. Balance will be your best friend. Create the hype to lure them in, then give a more in depth description to keep them informed and hungry.

Optimising your page for organic search is also highly in your favour. If people cannot find you, no matter how phenomenal your landing page may be written, it will be useless.

Furthermore if your product is something which requires assembly, or a guideline on how to use it, or if you even just want to show off its ability to perform, create a video. People are creatures who thrive off visual stimuli. So the more you give them, the better it is for you.

For more help in the social media realm, do not hesitate to contact WSI OMS today. We are always happy to help where we can and will give you guidance where it is needed.

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