Your website is more than the online face of your company – it’s a portal from your customers directly to your brand. Web design, therefore, plays a vital role in developing the credibility and trust necessary for consumers to feel comfortable purchasing your products and services.

At WSI, our team of industry-leading specialists develop websites specifically aimed at adding value to a brand

And here’s how we do it:

  1. Get simple: People are initially drawn to things that look complicated – but when it comes to usability and getting things done, we like simplicity all the way. Simple writing that gets the point across quickly, simple navigation that makes it easy to find what you’re looking for and simple design that gets the job done. But there’s no need to think that simple can’t be eye-catching – in fact, it’s often more high-impact than more complicated designs.
  2. Be aware of first impressions: Although everyone’s been told not to judge a book by its cover, it’s in our nature as people. A website that looks messy and is slow says that the company is inefficient, behind the times and doesn’t care about it’s customers – and that’s before we’ve even seen a product! So when it comes to web design, a fully functional, sleek and professional image counts.
  3. The website is not for the company: Despite who is paying for the website, it’s ultimately not about them! Of course, you want to accurately represent their brand and products, but they aren’t the end users of the site – the public is. Designing with the users in mind is the only way to build a successful site.
  4. Make your content count: Website design is as much about looks and functionality as it is about content, so make sure that your copy fits your design. There should be a good balance between the site and the copy where each enhances the other – working together to draw the user in. When in doubt, simple, to-the-point copy is always better than fluff.

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