Hiring the right people for a content marketing department is hard. If you want to get your business’ brand and name out there, then your content marketing team needs to possess a variety of skills. Here are four skills needed for exceptional content marketing:

Analytical skills

The best content marketing strategies are always being tweaked and optimised. You need people who can look at your Google Analytics and social media engagement levels to find out what is working at what time so you can continue to improve your content marketing strategy.


A good content marketer needs to be versatile. Not only do they need to be able to come up with catchy headings, they need to be able to edit social media posts and long form documents, as well as repurpose content into different multi-media formats when required.

Exceptional writing skills

Not everyone writes well and not every copywriter is good at writing content which sells. If you want a winning content marketing plan, then you need writers who can write in a way that makes people feel comfortable. Unfortunately, this isn’t really a trait which can be learned – either the person has this type of writing ability or they don’t.

Finding the target audience

Content marketing is all about placing and sharing the right content in the right places. This shouldn’t be led by a ‘gut feeling,’ which is why you need people who have the skills needed to research various target markets, social media networks and sites to find out what type of content needs to be distributed and where.

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