Yesterday, we gave you a few basic pointers about creating an easy to use, effective login page. Some of the tips included not cluttering the page, making it easy for non-members to register (if they’ve stumbled upon the login page) and how to make it simple for people to retrieve passwords. Here are a few more tips for designing a great login page:

  • Remember me feature

A simple checkbox that a user can click on when signing into a website lets them know that they don’t have to remember their username and password each time they log in. Not only will this reduce the amount of “Lost your password?” emails that need to be sent out, but website users usually appreciate this feature. A good tip is to wrap the text (Remember my username and password) around the checkbox because the checkbox is quite small. Not each website will support this functionality, but if your site does support it, the box will put down a cookie that reinitiates the session each time the user is on the site so that they don’t have to enter their passwords every time.

  • Create prominent buttons

If you want to get the best results from your login page, create buttons (such as the ‘Submit’ button where people sign in). Research has shown that people respond better if they know that buttons and links are ‘clickable’.

  • Link back to the home page

It can happen that a website browser stumbles upon the register or the login page on a site, without intending to sign in. It’s important to provide a back link so that he or she will be taken to the home page of the website if they decide not to log in.