Research is the backbone of quality copywriting, but with such vast amounts of information available to dig through, how do you create exciting, snappy copy without being overwhelmed?

Before you find yourself contemplating hiring a team of researchers to trawl the internet on your behalf, here are some useful tips to keep in mind:

Hold on to ideas that you’ve been looking for

Create a “future use” file. Save anything that interests you or looks relevant for potential future copy. This way you not only have a store of inspirational ideas, but partial research on a topic.

Know your product and what your client wants. What they have to say about their business and product will tell you what they’re excited about and what they value, giving you many ideas for potential copy.

Write these all down as soon as they come to you, so that you have a stock of great research ideas specific to that client that you have constant access to.

Simplify tasks by focusing on one topic

Focus on one topic at a time. While you’re doing your research you will undoubtedly find interesting and distracting links that can push you off course. Remind yourself of your current focus, note anything interesting down as a future research idea, and then refocus on the topic at hand.

Follow thought readers

Use reliable, information-rich sources. Look at the leaders in the industry and what their consumers are asking for, not an unknown opinion that lacks factual backing.

With these tips you will be able to focus on efficient quality copywriting without being swamped by unnecessary research.

Write quickly with these copywriting techniques

  • Keep a file of ideas and topics that have caught your attention for future use
  • Decide on your focus point and do not let yourself get distracted
  • Use reliable information-rich sources

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