When you’re a professional in the copywriting industry, it’s your job to give every assignment a significant amount of time, effort and attention. As writers, we want everything we produce to have a level of quality that we think our skills can produce, but it can, however, be difficult to give every piece the enthusiasm it deserves.

The best way to overcome this hurdle is to do a relatively simple thing: ask questions. Even relatively mundane topics offer a massive return when you’re asking questions about the topic. In fact, the more mundane the topic, the more material you’ll find. Ask “Who, what, where, how and why” of your topic, and you’ll have some great starting points for discussion.

Take these points and start typing them into Google. Since these are actual queries that people are typing in for genuine reasons, you’ll be able to see which questions draw the most attention. If the questions seem boring, remember that these are real things that people are searching for, so why not let them get their answer from you?

Do your questions link up in any way with current events? It’s a long shot but it’s one worth looking into and you never know where you might strike gold. If it does, look into the event and see if you can write about it and meet your client’s needs. Current events drive huge amounts of traffic as well as engagement, so take advantage of the opportunity. Many news websites also allow comments that could prove to be a useful source for angles and future content.

Once you find an angle that works for you and your client, you should be able to finish in no time – and that’s because the ultimate key to enthusiastic and skilled writing is research. You may not like your topic simply because you don’t know a lot about it but you’re in the business of finding out about the widest range of products and services imaginable. With enough research, you’re sure to find an angle that appeals to you and will result in a piece that you can be proud of.

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