Copywriting and creating new content for a client can be hard work and it’s easy to forget about the big picture when you’re writing blog post after blog post. With everything you write, however, you need to make sure you’re adding value, creating brand awareness and helping your client to connect with their readers. How do you do this? By following these principles:

You need a content strategy, not just well-written content

Everyone knows that the $5 blogs you buy don’t really add value – they’re just 300 word pages about a keyword. I doubt that many people read the entire blog post. If you’ve already converted to investing in well-written, high quality content, make sure you’re not forgetting about the content strategy because your top quality blogs don’t mean anything if your copywriter isn’t aware of the bigger picture.

The worst thing you can do is forward an excel spreadsheet of keyword phrases to a copywriter. Make sure your copywriter sits in on your marketing strategy meeting so that they understand the brand and know what you are trying to achieve. Not only will this help the writer think out of the box, but it will change the subtle call-to-actions that will give you the return on investment you need from your content marketing strategy.

Build a strong network

Your blogs, press releases and articles aren’t worth much if you they aren’t shared, commented on and retweeted. Your online networking strategy needs to go hand-in-hand with your content marketing strategy to make sure you are able to generate torrents of traffic and user engagement.

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