With copywriting and content marketing strategies becoming increasingly complex and targeted, it’s more important than ever to manage them. That’s where editorial calendars come in! These management tools are more than just a chart showing when content is due to be published – they are a content strategy map that keeps everyone informed on past content, future content, due dates, the platforms that are involved and much more.
According to a recent poll by SmartPulse, 61.9% of companies and individuals that participated use editorial calendars.

The reasons for this tool’s popularity are three-fold:

  1. They improve co-ordination in a content marketing strategy. An editorial calendar maps all of the elements of your strategy out in one simple, easy-to-navigate system. This way, everyone involved can see what others are busy with, what progress has been made and what changes and updates have occurred.
  2. They create accountability in the organisation. With an editorial calendar, it’s easy to see what tasks have been assigned, the people they have been assigned to and the date that the work will be due. This creates accountability as well as assisting employees with planning their work schedule.
  3. They assist companies in looking ahead to future endeavours. When you have all your content mapped out and planned against the dates of publication, it’s easier to look ahead and discover new opportunities. These can come in the shape of relevant events that are occurring at specific times of the year, or planned company events and product launches.

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