If you’ve been copywriting for a long time, you probably have a certain writing style. While there’s nothing wrong with having a signature ‘copywriting’ tone, it’s always helpful to recap some of the basic copywriting tips. Here are a few pointers that every writer should know:

Don’t be long-winded

Nobody wants to read a sentence that stretches over four or five lines on a page. If a sentence gets too long, split it into two.

Find a writing rhythm

Some writers have the ability to create a certain rhythm in their writing. While some writers are born with this skill, others need to work at it. Try to create rhythm by writing the way you would speak and mixing up the length of your sentences.

Plan your piece

If you’ve got a bunch of ideas for a specific piece, plan your page. One of the quickest ways to confuse readers is to stuff a bunch of different points or arguments into the same paragraph, so map out what you want your readers to know and understand in each section of the page.

Break up long pieces of text

Sub-headings are a great way to plan your pages, but you don’t have to remove them once you’ve finished writing. Try to include at least one or two sub-headings for every four hundred words so that people can easily scan long pieces of copy.

Lists and bullet points

People like reading lists such as “The top 10 places to visit in Cape Town” or “Five signs that your car needs a service” – probably because they know it’s going to be easy reading. If you can rewrite your article into a list, you might notice that it’s more popular than the original article. Also try to include bullet points where possible – it gives a reader’s eyes a break from long paragraphs of copy.

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