Creating a brand personality goes beyond just marketing a product or service and it gets more complicated when deciding which words best bring that personality to life. Your brand personality is essentially an extension of oneself or business. Creating the right personality for your brand is important when you consider that it’s a form of communication. The statement then stands as, “It’s about what you say and how you say it.”

Now would be the time to get in a good copywriter. A good copywriter understands that there is little difference between web copywriting and brand copywriting. With both web and brand copy, the aim is to get people to buy something; whether it’s a product, service or idea. A good copywriter is able to interpret your brand personality into brand copy that even ‘Joe Soap’ can understand. Good copywriters are also able to write different brand copy for different media as the requirements are different for each (i.e. print media is different to online).

Tips for writing in a different voice for your brand

Choosing a voice for your brand is as important and goes hand in hand with your brand personality and brand copy. Here are a few copywriting tips when deciding on your brand’s voice:

  • Choose a unique and original voice: It’s always easier to write in an original voice than trying to write in someone else’s voice and it makes you sound more sincere.
  • Your voice should reflect your brand: Writing in a serious voice when your brand personality is fun and energetic doesn’t work and is not a good idea.
  • Keep your voice consistent: Try and write all your posts in the same tone whether you are writing a serious post or a humorous one.
  • Integrating: Writing in the same voice also applies to writing for different types of media – whether it’s a case study on a website or a printed brochure – so try to keep it consistent.
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