If you want your copywriting to put readers to sleep, or make them leave your site after only giving your blog a few cursory glances, make sure your copy is boastful and dull. Make sure to include lots of technical terms, and why not go one step further, and throw in some implied criticism too? Or, you can follow some of these guidelines to grab and keep your reader’s attention.

Today’s consumers is incredibly quick to call out the inauthentic, so before you do any copywriting for your company website, make sure you communicate in a way that is unpretentious and sincere. Modern technology has done a lot to shape the modern consumer, who is tech-savvy, informed and vocal. If you’re going to make boastful claims about your products and services, your readers will likely call you out. What’s more, they’ll probably do this over one of their social media channels, doing a lot of harm to your reputation.

Being authentic means not making claims that you cannot back up. For example, if you want to market your homemade lemonade, don’t refer to it as ‘the world’s number one soft drink’. You should also avoid phrases like ‘the leading provider’, because your readers can see right through these claims.

If you want to keep your reader interested, you should keep technical terms to an absolute minimum. When you have to use a technical word, make sure you include an explanation. If people do not understand what you are writing about, your writing adds no value, and they will go look for content somewhere else.

You should also be weary of using implied criticisms in your writing. While some readers might resonate with sentences like ‘Are you tired of flopping every cake you bake?’, You may have wider success with a sentence that doesn’t criticise your reader, like ‘Are you tired of cake mix that lets you down?’

Of course, getting making sure your writing in impeccable is also very important, because it reflects on your company. If your writing is sloppy and full of spelling mistakes and bad grammar, people might think your work is sloppy too.

Make sure the content on your website is unpretentious and speaks directly to the needs of your customers. Contact WSI OMS for professional copywriting services today!