In our world where convenience and efficiency are highly praised, copywriting is unfortunately an undervalued asset by many brands. This is because some brands don’t yet fully grasp what copywriting is and what value it can add – which is why we are here to offer first-hand insight into copywriting and the many benefits it offers.

Professional copywriting leads campaigns

Many people immediately think of visually appealing graphics or exciting videos when they think of advertising campaigns, although the truth is that copywriting defines campaigns to a large extent. This includes all of the words and text in any advertising media as part of a deliberate and calculated strategy, forming the backbone of the campaign. This is because copywriting on a broader level in actual fact stems from creative content strategy of various consumer contact points.

Images without copywriting are just pictures

Although this isn’t true for all advertising, the vast majority of media, such as images and videos, would be either boring or confusing without copy. Take, for example, an image of a cat looking at a small mouse. Naturally, you would suspect that the cat is either eager to eat the mouse or is simply curious. However, with the copy “This is my growing investment” attached, this picture takes on a whole new meaning. Instead, the cat is now thinking about the future and, rather than eating the mouse now, understands that waiting will offer ‘bigger rewards’.

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