There is no way that content marketing can stay the same as the COVID-19 pandemic rapidly transforms every aspect of our lives. Copywriters are quickly adapting to the new conditions, shifting their word choice and tone to suit the new culture and frame of mind that is emerging from the crisis. Follow these basic guidelines to bring your content creation in line.

Make sensitivity a priority

There is a time and place for irreverence – and we copywriters do love a dose of humour, don’t we? Especially if it pushes the envelope. However, now is not the time. Now it’s best to focus on a more sensitive approach and rather err on the side of seriousness. You can still keep the tone light but opt for an inspiring and motivational tone.

Put on your word filters

You know all those buzz words you love to put in your copy? Things like “killer deal” or “infectious enthusiasm” or “viral content”? Well you’re going to have to retire them for a while – until we get to the other side of this thing. But why not see this as a good thing? You have the opportunity to flex your creative muscle and find some clever replacements for these well-worn expressions.

Keep your position neutral, your tone helpful

It seems incredibly insensitive now to say things like “take advantage of this once-in-a-lifetime offer”. It would be better to say something like “Let us help you with much needed savings during these tough times.” Take away the hard sell and focus on being supportive.

Maintain trust by being accurate

if you’re going to reference data on COVID-19 for any reason, make sure you do so advisedly. Reference only credible sources and quote them carefully. A wrong step in this area will throw your credibility – and possibly your moral standing – straight out of the window.

Be optimistic but don’t promise too much

Instil hope and positivity into your writing but remember that we are learning as we go, and the situation is changing every day. You’re in no position to promise too much – and it may well backfire if you do. Never pretend to know more than you do, rather send the message that you and your audience are in this together.

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