Pay-per-click advertising is an effective way to draw internet users into your website and copywriting these ads can be a tricky task. If you are used to print writing, corporate copywriting or even online copywriting, you may still find it difficult to create attention-grabbing ads for such a short space.

PPC copywriting tips

  • Be as specific as you can be. Don’t say “the best prices”, say “less than $10”; don’t say “Quick turnaround times”, say “in 48 hours” and so forth.
  • Check out what PPC ads currently come up for your search phrases and try to set your ad apart by adding different features and advantages.
  • Use specific phrases. Try to target exact keyword phrases and use this phrase in the title of the PPC ad as well as in the first line (if you can).
  • Use caps (sparingly!). If you’ve done some competitive research and you’ve established that you will have to use similar wording to what your competitor’s are using, try to capitalise the keywords or a sentence. Don’t write the entire ad in all caps though.
  • Don’t use meaningless words. Everyone is saying their products or service are “the best” and “the cheapest”. Don’t use the same type of words that you see every day (without giving the ad a second notice). If you’ve got a celebrity client or an international brand name in stock, do some name dropping to draw some interest to your ad.
  • Don’t force yourself to use up all the characters. We know there’s only a small number of characters available for PPC ads, but if you can say what you need to say with using less than the character limit – go with it! Less is often more when it comes to great copy for PPC ads.