When you copywrite for a living you often forget about your end goal – to convert your website traffic to leads and sales. Here are some tips to convert users into clients:

Getting leads and sales through copywriting:

  1. Personalise your content: People want to identify with your content. Chances are that they landed on your website because they are looking to satisfy a need or want (such as gathering information about a product or service). Appeal to your readers by emphasizing how the product or service will benefit them or make them feel.
  2. Use testimonials: Testimonials are very popular as they will reassure your reader that they are making the right decision. Ask for feedback from customers who have used your products and services in the past.
  3. Be conversational: Choosing a conversational tone means that your copy comes across as engaging and friendly. Brochure copywriting is very different to web copywriting; you need to win your reader’s trust and encourage conversation.
  4. Liven up: Endless pages of information can be difficult to process. Liven it up with images, videos and charts.

Copywriting is a fundamental part of internet marketing. If you need help with your copywriting, contact WSI OMS today.

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