Carlos Del Rio next from Unbounce just asked me a difficult question. What is a Landing Page?

It is the first page that a visitor sees. It means that somebody has landed there with some intention.


Here is a good landing page example that converts at 70%…mmmm


  • Good headline
  • Demonstration
  • Value for person
  • Support of that value
  • Action – One clear action

The perfect execution

  • Delivery in less than 2 seconds
  • Appropriate content delivery
  • Fulfillment of ad promise
  • Continuation of brand promise
  • Meaningful follow-up

In the future we need to build landing pages for the Y generation as PC sales are way behind cell phones and tablets

If you are between 12 – 17 today then:

  • Mobile is given
  • Multi-device users
  • Brand conscious

Young people want connection and more than 50% of them will look for your clients on Twitter and Facebook

All your ads must have click to call

Think mobile, plan once

One brand, many platforms, fast

Clear purpose, One message, fast

Take home slide

  • You get < 10 seconds
  • You get 8 visual objects
  • You have 5 requirements
  • You need consistent brand experience
  • Treat every page as a mobile page


Great presentation that can be downloaded here

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