Online content that you publish is one of your most valuable assets on the web. By sharing your content online you can enhance your company’s brand, broadcast your message across the web and demonstrate your expertise to name but a few benefits. Did you know that you can allow the visitors of your website or blog to share your content with others?

Why do you want to share your online content?

By sharing the content found on your blog or website is quite different from someone taking your content without your permission and then brand it in their own name and re publishing it. By having simple content sharing tools such as social bookmarking buttons on your blog or website, your company’s byline and branding will remain intact with a link to the original content source – your website or blog.

The most common way websites have been sharing content in the past is through an easy “email this” to a friend function on the content where you can click the email sharing button or link and the content or blog post can be emailed to anyone.

By encouraging your readers to share your content with others is a really powerful way to drive targeted traffic to extend your brand and to drive traffic to your website or blog.

Find below a couple of tips on sharing your online content.

  • Search and register on content sharing Web 2.0 channels. There’s many free ones available. These systems provides easy ways to share your content with their members as well as to the search engines.
  • If you own a blog, there’s many third-party plugins available for free that you can install that automatically places content sharing buttons (social bookmarking) on your blog posts with little or no modification from your side at all. Have a look at Add This and ShareThis that provides an easy way to add sharing buttons on your website or blog.
  • Not all of your content will make sense to share. Content that you don’t want to share should not be on the internet (public view) open to anyone to read. If you don’t want people to have access to some of your content, keep these content items behind a restricted password section. Content worth sharing is anything that others can use and isn’t proprietary to your company, yourself but it has a more universal appeal.
  • Create content that others will find useful. You can keep track of what content is shared the most from your website or blog.  This will also give you an indication of what your readers find interesting. Always think of ways to build on the content that you have provided or on providing additional information.
  • If a certain type of content you have provided works and it is shares quite often, produce more of the same content to achieve some of your business goals.
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