You might wonder how you can keep your content marketing original in a market where information and ideas seem to be constantly regurgitated. The fact of the matter is that when it comes to marketing we need to present our ideas and facts in a manner which is unique and interesting to the target market –this is where we can be original and earn the interest of our customer base.

As a marketer it can be quite frustrating to find that someone has stolen your content. Rest assured that if your content is actually being stolen and reproduced, the offender’s lazy tactics will be exposed soon enough. Also keep in mind that if your content is of a quality which is considered worthy of being stolen, it’s quite a compliment.

If you have had your quality content stolen, below are a few considerations which might change the way you see it:

  • Once you have published your work on the internet, it becomes public knowledge. If you don’t want something copied or reproduced, don’t post it on the internet.
  • Not everyone is out to steal your creativity. Perhaps someone has had a similar idea to you and presented it in a similar manner. Many people feel their ideas and concepts are new and original when in fact they aren’t.
  • Let it go. If your content has been re-used, set your mind to create more content which is more powerful and has greater effects next time around. If you are in the same market as the person stealing your content, chances are it will be noted where it was seen first.

What’s the trick? Keep your content creation constant. By regularly updating your content and ensuring it is always fresh with something new to offer, you have no real fear of your content being a duplicate of your competitor’s.

Fresh content creation and marketing from WSI OMS

At WSI OMS we understand the power of content marketing and just how important it is to present your target audience with something that is new, fresh and interesting. We can assist you to set in place a content marketing strategy that offers value to your digital marketing campaign and gets the results you want.

To learn more about our content marketing strategies and solutions, contact us at WSI OMS today.

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