In 2017, it was estimated that the content marketing industry would be worth $400 billion by 2021. Content has never been a passing fad, but the dynamics of the sector continue to change. Here are a few trends to keep your eye on:


  • Content Marketing Is Not A Side Project Anymore

In the past, many digital marketers offered content marketing services to clients as an add-on to Search Engine Optimisation, mobile marketing or web design. Content marketing plays such a huge part in any digital strategy that it has become the backbone of any marketing initiative.


  • Content Should Be Used To Achieve Specific Goals

This year, strategy has become more important than ever before. Instead of blogging haphazardly, each piece of content that you create has to have a clear goal. Whether your goal is to rank in Google’s top search results or to generate a lead, this goal needs to be the centre focus of any type of content that you create.


  • Encourage Customer Success

The most successful brands are using content to ensure the success of their clients. Everything from how-to guides, user experiences and customer reviews should be published so that your clients can engage with each other and benefit from everything your brand has to offer.


  • Distribution Will Drive The Success Of Your Content Marketing Strategy

You can create the best content in the world, but it will be pointless if nobody sees it. Have another look at your distribution strategy, and consider approaches that you have not used before, such as influencer marketing and Instagram marketing, for example. This will help you get your content under the right readers’ eyes.


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