Content marketing has one main objective: to attract the attention of your target audience. Once you have their attention, the objective changes to engaging with the audience and converting interested parties into real leads and consumers. It’s just not enough anymore to post weekly 200 word blogs and hope that your target audience will find it and be interested in it.

Content can be used for online marketing on your business blog, social media platforms and more. Don’t limit yourself to just posting on your business website. The idea is to get information out to your target audience that is interesting and engaging. You also want your consumers to share the content that you post, with other likeminded individuals and in order to ensure this, you need to create the type of content that people like to share. Find a list of the best types of content to use online below:

  • ‘How to’ articles are very often shared as they are helpful and informative.
  • Statistics and facts are great for grabbing the attention of your target audience and also improving your search engine listing results.
  • Infographics are eye-catching and informative which makes them exceedingly popular.
  • Personal photographs of your business team socialising or in action at the office are great ways to humanise your business and create more interest.
  • Tweets with images are often shared as they are more visual experience and online consumers are certainly moving in a more visual direction.

These are just a few of the top types of content that people simply love to share on the internet.

Professional Content Marketing Services by WSI

At WSI we specialise in online marketing and content marketing. We can assist you to take your content marketing efforts to new heights. Reap the rewards of well planned and professionally executed content marketing strategy with the help of the WSI team.

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