By now, it has become evident how big of a role content marketing plays in a company’s online marketing success. As you work on adding it to your own digital marketing strategy, let us look at some important content marketing stats from the first half of this year that may help to make your life easier going forward.


  • B2B and B2C Marketers Using Content Marketing (H2)

It is estimated that almost 89% of B2B marketers and 86% of B2C marketers are incorporating content marketing into their digital marketing activity. Having said this, however, just 37% of B2B marketers and 40% of B2C marketers have a documented content marketing strategy.


  • The Longer the Better

It would seem that long-form blog posts are bringing greater value to businesses than short-form blog posts are. In fact, they seem to be generating 9 times more leads overall!


  • The Type of Content Being Focused On

Blog creation is still the most popular and preferred type of content marketing. Over 45% of all online marketers say that it is the most important aspect of their content marketing efforts. This may be a good call considering almost 70% of those polled stated that they would rather learn about a company by reading an article as opposed to watching an advert.


  • LinkedIn is Trending

If you own a B2B establishment and have yet to start using LinkedIn to your advantage, it’s time to change that! Over 94% of B2B marketers are using this social media marketing platform as part of their content marketing strategy.


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