When it comes to search engine optimization (SEO) for small and large business, content marketing plays a vital role to the success of your campaign. Do you need the best content? Some internet marketing professionals would say yes, however, coming up with the best content on a daily basis is not an easy task and if you do, you are likely to burn out within a couple of weeks. Getting the best content should not always be your focus point, and you can slide in good and great content between your best content.

So why the big emphasis on great content? It is simple; search engines are looking for the most relevant and best content to display on their search engine result pages (SERP’s) when people are looking for information. When writing your content the focus was always writing for two audiences – website visitors and the search engines. Now there is a third audience involved, and they are looking whether your content is good, great, or the best. That audience is made up of your own network and those with similar websites to yours.

Social media audience

The third audience explained above has the ability to rank your site by sharing it on various social media channels. If you can get your website visitors to leave a mention, review or sharing your content on Twitter or Facebook, that is excellent. The truth unfortunately is that many visitors will forget your content until they actually need it. Think of the websites that you visit often. Do you share and bookmark them to your friends or do you have them saved tucked away from human eyes in your browser bookmarks?

When writing the online content for your website, search engine optimization will always play a big role in getting targeted traffic. Give your visitors a way to share your content and make it travel. Search engine optimization will always start with your content, your selected keywords, and the way you are presenting it, but your visitors is going to read the content. If you present them with what they are looking for there is a very good chance that they will share it with their own network.

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