Blogs and pictures and videos are great – but at the end of the day, they need to serve a purpose. Some people might be interested in creating an army of a following, establishing themselves as an industry authority or taking on Justin Bieber as one of the top people to follow on Instagram. But most of us are executing a content marketing strategy in order to increase our bottom lines.

One thing people fail to take into consideration is the type of content various potential buyers will need at various stages of the sales funnel. It’s all well and good to have an editorial calendar filled with infographics, tweet schedules and on Friday “post something about cats” ideas, but you need to take time to get back to basics and make sure you’ve got a golden thread running through your content marketing strategy  to ensure it overlaps with your company’s sales strategy.

The first funnel tier is awareness. Make sure your reader knows what you do and what you’re all about. The type of content that works for creating awareness includes blog posts, social media updates or shares, infographics, press releases, newsletters and e-mails.

The second tier is research. This is when your reader will start narrowing down their purchasing choices – and this is where you need to POUNCE like a lion, or at least provide compelling reasons why they should choose you. Content types that work well in this tier include Whitepapers, eBooks, webinars, know-to videos and presentations.

The final tier of the sales funnel is purchasing. You need to create content that not only eliminates any doubts and fears they may have, but also creates a clear picture of options available to them. Types of content to consider here include special offers, packages and prices: brochures, case studies, sales sheets and product demo videos.

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