One of the most important aspects of any inbound marketing strategy is copywriting – and product descriptions are something that needs an equal amount of attention as blog posts or your About Us page. You want to describe products that are appealing and that lead to sales. How do you create strong product descriptions? Here are some key points to incorporate into your writing.

Write for your audience

It may seem obvious, but many people fall into the trap of writing for themselves rather than their audience. How much do you know about your market? Do you know what they want and how your product will fill those needs? Are your descriptions speaking to that? Know your audience first, then write for them – this should make the process of content creation a little more straightforward.

Ease buyer’s guilt

Here’s an interesting truth about consumers: they all suffer from buyer’s guilt. Even as they click on something they really want, they feel some hesitation, especially if it’s a treat for themselves. Part of your product description’s job is to remove that guilt and make customers feel good about completing the purchase. You can do this by reinforcing the one-time-only nature of the offer (even if this is not the case). Let them know they are getting a bargain, give the product an air of exclusivity and highlight the utility and/or satisfaction they will get from buying it. The client needs to feel that the price they are considering paying is worth it.

Use words but create images

The copy in a product description is not just about listing the attributes of the product in a generally informative but boring way. It is a matter of drawing a picture for the customer, setting the scene, evoking the need and instantly demonstrating how the product will satisfy it. Be creative, not just descriptive. Paint with your words.

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