Content marketing, when done correctly, makes use of blogs and other forms of content to get consumers interested in your business. Most businesses struggle to find topics suitable for blog posts, but it doesn’t have to be overly complicated. To pick relevant topics, you need to research the questions people are asking, and answer them (while keeping SEO principles in mind). 

Blog ideas for every business’ content marketing plan 

Trending topics 

The word ‘trends’ represents the general direction in which something is developing, a fashion or topic that is the subject of multiple posts on social media in a short time. Trends are reflective of what consumers consider important. To stay relevant, your business must show it understands the current consumer trends in your market.  

Address common problems or pain points 

There are common problems everyone experiences, and if your product or service can assist in solving that problem, a blog explaining the how and why thereof would go far in creating a positive brand experience. Just look at the many “How to….” queries one can find on the internet.    

Demonstrate the uses of your product 

The best way to sell your product or service is to show how customers use it in a way that solves a problem or enhances the quality of their life. Emotions influence buyer behaviour, so writing about an authentic customer experience could lead to sales. 

Introduce your team 

Profiling an employee creates a feeling of intimacy as if the consumer is part of your business family because they know something about one of your employees. It can also create trust, especially if your service requires consumers to let you into their homes and lives. 

Because content marketing includes social media marketing strategy, digital marketing and SEO, it can become overwhelming to business owners very quickly. WSIOMS is here to help you manage your content marketing activities. For more information, visit our website to find out how we can help you to create a sustainable, relevant content marketing plan that fits your business’ needs.

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