This is a question that is asked many times. You have good content on your website or blog, but you are not ranking in the Google search result pages for it. The way Google prioritizes its search rankings is by looking at two important factors concerning your website namely “On-page optimization” and “Off-page optimization“.

On-page optimization

On page optimization consist of all the aspects of your physical website. At the very basic level, it is where the good content comes in with the related keywords being used in headings, sub headings, bullets and internal link text.

Find a list of important on page Search Engine Optimization points below:

  • Title Tag (Relevant title tags)
  • Keywords found in the URL
  • Meta Description tags
  • Meta keyword tags
  • Heading tags
  • Keywords in bold, italics, underline
  • Unique content that supports the keywords (relevance, themeing)
  • Related keywords in content found on the page
  • Alternative and Title text for images.
  • Grammatically correct
  • Internal linking
  • Domain age

Off-page optimization

Off page Search Engine Optimization consists of all the off page SEO elements regarding your website. These are external links that point to your website from other websites. These links are seen as recommendations and build credibility for your website. Google ranks your web page based on the number of valuable related links. You could view this as a voting system; the one with the most related votes will do well.

Find a list of important off page Search Engine Optimization points below:

  • Niche Directories listings
  • Relevant Site Links
  • Keywords in links
  • Links from high-ranking publisher websites
  • One-way inbound links
  • Deep linking (from multiple pages to multiple pages)
  • Link from sites with a variety of Page Ranks
  • Social Bookmarking
  • Links from Social networks
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