So much has been said about the importance of creating high quality content. However, precious little is said about content marketing. Great content is important for establishing a loyal reader base. However, how do you get the readers to your website in the first place?

Content promotion is vital for successful digital marketing. Read on to find out exactly how to promote your content on different platforms.

Note that the following three step approach can only be successful if your content is of high quality in the first place.

  1. Publish your content on different popular platforms

There are various platforms you can use to push your content including YouTube, Apple iTunes, Soundcloud, Facebook and Linked in. Social media marketing plays a vital role in getting your content out to your target audience.

While you may not get more than a few thousand views for your content in a given month on any particular platform, the combined number of visitors you get as a result of pushing your content will be worth it.

  1. Get published by the big players

Getting published on large publication websites, such as Huffington Post, Forbes or Inc., will give you even greater exposure. You can work your way up to this by:

  • Identifying the websites on which you want your content published.
  • Determining what unique angle you have to offer.
  • Identifying the editors, research them.
  • Coming up with suggested headlines for your content.
  • Contacting the editor via email with your headlines.
  • Repeating with different editors until you get a reply.
  1. Repurpose and republish successful content.

If you’ve created great content that has had exceptionally good results, consider repurposing and republishing it. Search for new relevant keywords and incorporate these into your content. You can repurpose your content in many different forms including infographics, slides on SlideShare, include images and promote content on Pinterest and Instagram, videos, discussions on discussion groups, as well as emails.


Content marketing is the only way to set yourself apart from the competition if you want to make a real impact.

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