Content curation is a great way to become the go-to person for industry news. Many brands have now implemented content curation strategies so that they get to choose and share the best industry news with their followers.

What makes content curation so attractive is the fact that you don’t have to produce every single piece of content yourself – you’re basically scouting the web and gathering the best pieces of news. Other advantages include being able to create a following for your social media accounts and be seen as a thought leader for providing a platform to spread interesting content.

If you’re considering a content curation system, follow in the footsteps of the pros by implementing these best practices:

  1. Create and curate

Some of the most successful content curators, such as the Huffington Post, also create some of their own content. There are already many content curators, so set yourself apart by creating some of your own content to add to the existing content you find online.

  1. Be consistent

Readers like to know when they can expect new content and posts. You don’t have to commit to a schedule you can’t keep up with (many sites have “Daily News”, but you need to create something that’s workable for you). Whatever schedule you decide on, make sure you’re consistent so that readers can start anticipating your news.

  1. Find many sources

The best content curators don’t only browse TED for cool videos or re-post Tweets from the same users – they are part of the content ecosystem and are able to find interesting, relevant content on multiple platforms. Keep up with your beat by finding information on Tumblr, Pinterest, Facebook, the blogosphere and other places in order to give your readers the best information.

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