After doing a bit of research regarding computer repairs in Ireland – the city of Dublin specifically, I came across search results on and that is quite different. for the search phrase computer repairs Ireland Dublin city returns 72000 search results where returns 80400 search results.

The search results from is more broad-based than the search results from ( as the search phrase computer repairs ireland, dublin city targets this area (Ireland) specifically.

On the search phrase computer repairs Ireland Dublin city – the PPC (Pay Per Click) advertisements is quite different from the ones found on I know your search results will look different, but this is the results I have found.  On, only 1 PPC add was visible and that was from a company in my home country (South Africa) advertising “computer repairs”. On, all the PPC ads were from companies in Ireland, focusing on Computer repairs and there were 11 PPC advertisements visible.

This just shows you why local search is powerful!

What is local search?

Local searches use a general keyword phrase combined with a geographic location (state, county, city and zip code). People will search for “computer repairs Ireland Dublin city”, “computer hardware dublin” and “Ireland computer repair” when they need the services from a local business.

Benefits of local search

  1. Targeted Traffic: By focusing on local search you will bring in targeted traffic to your website. These are local people who are looking for local businesses.
  2. Quicker results: It is much easier and faster to get top search rankings by localizing your website. There is much less competition for a local search phrase than a general nationwide phrase.
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