As a community manager, your main goal is managing conversations.  The ever-evolving nature of this job role, however, means that you’re going to be managing conversations across many platforms. A tweet may only be 140 characters, but if you’ve got hundreds of tweets to respond to each day (or on a specific day) you need a plan of action to manage your time so that you get around to each social media platform.

Here are a few tips to effectively manage your time:

  • Divide tasks into daily, weekly and monthly tasks: When you’re building an online community, some things need to happen every day, while other tasks will only happen on a weekly or monthly basis. Twitter, for example, should get updated every day. Facebook, on the other hand, should only be updated two or three times a week (this is your customer’s personal social space and you don’t want to clog their timelines with unnecessary information). Similarly, you’re probably only going to be writing weekly blog posts. Map out a schedule so you’re not trying to get everything done in one day. You could also automate some of the tasks, such as Twitter updates (Hootsuite is a great tool to schedule tweets in advance).
  • Commit to your schedule. Set time aside for each task and stick to it. Make Friday mornings your “blog writing time” and commit to adding a blog post each Friday (and then tweeting the link and posting your blog onto Facebook). Book these times in your diary so that you don’t get caught up with other work or get booked into meetings when you’re supposed to be doing community management work. Not only does this give your community something to look forward to, but it also means that you stay on track with your social media plan.
  • Revisit your social media platforms daily:  If you want to build a community, you need to engage with people when they’re talking about you or your industry. Set up Twitlerts to notify you when your name (or a relevant keyword) is used on Twitter so that can log on and start chatting.

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