To try and outline the ideal writing guide for copy is a near impossible task, however we can provide guidelines that can make your writing more professional. A few small tips and suggestions, when used accordingly can raise the level of your writing and attract many more readers. Writing an interesting, easy to read blog post can often hinge on careful balancing of the points outlined below.

Avoid flat writing and too many adverbs

Firstly, and this is perhaps the most difficult part. Beware of your writing becoming flat. By this we mean writing in a style that is lacking in depth, texture and character. Writing almost irrelevant bits of information or perhaps glossing over and missing key elements, is a certain sign of fatigued flat writing. When you see this occurring, change your approach and rethink your angle. Secondly, be weary of using too many empty adverbs. Overuse of adverbs can sap the meaning in a sentence. Use them sparingly, for when you do they will add significant gravity to your work.

Using dialogue to create a story

Dialogue should be used only when necessary and if it really contributes to the significance of your story (or else your blog post could look like a press release or an interview transcript). If you are going to use direct quotes, make sure that your readers have enough background and that they understand who’s saying what and why you are quoting them.

Lastly is that oldest of advises, show, don’t tell. As a writer you should paint a picture so that the reader can see what it is being described. Don’t make it too easy and give your reader the benefit of the doubt. All these tips will go a long way towards improving you as a writer, and bettering the quality of your work.

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