In web design, when you sit down to create a new website, you are sitting down in front of a blank canvas. You can create almost anything using the wide variety of media available, the research available on current sites and your own talents. However, this can be overwhelming as well as exciting, and often oversights can occur in the high-pressure world of web design.

Avoid these web design sins

  1. Clutter – New and exciting web design gimmicks are being produced all the time, but do not be tempted to combine them all in one site. This will make your site difficult to read, slow and often overwhelming to the user. Streamline your website interface so that users can focus on the information they need.
  2. Intrusive music and media – Keep in mind that your users may not have the same reaction as you do to the fun, upbeat music and video that you have made integral to your site. If you are set on using something that could be potentially irritating or distracting, clearly display a mechanism by which a user can mute or remove the media.
  3. Poor site navigation – Internet users are primarily searching for specific information. Your site may be a work of beauty, but users will leave and avoid it if they cannot navigate or search through it easily. Keep the information on your interface simple, informative and direct, and always have a search button.
  4. Irrelevant, old or missing information – Internet users demand up to date information that is quick to access. Links that no longer function or provide information that is incorrect or off-topic will result in users leaving your website or even complaining. Keep up to date with your topics and regularly clean up your website to remove old links and your website will flourish.
  5. Spelling and grammar errors – This will result in your website appearing low quality regardless of the value of your content. Consistent proofing will result in a professional, high quality website in which content can be showcased.

Keeping some of these commonly made errors out of your web design will result in a website that is easy to use, relevant and informative. Contact us for more web design tips.