So you have carefully directed your traffic towards a predefined landing page – but you aren’t getting the results you were looking for. We’ve summarised some of the common landing page mistake that people make when starting a paid advertising campaign.

Get the heading right

You don’t have much time to attract your user’s attention, which is why those few words of headline copy will be an extremely important factor to the success of your landing page. Don’t try to mislead readers in the PPC ad that directs them to your landing page (for example, don’t say something is free if it isn’t and don’t try to attract people that wouldn’t necessarily do business with you).

Get to the point

In a fast paced and modern society such as ours, it’s easy for people to click away from your site if they are getting bored. Be swift, efficient and get your message across quickly. The point of your landing page is to get people to do business with you, so give them everything they need to know in order to contact you.

Clean-cut design

Ensure your landing page isn’t too busy. List benefits and advantages in bullet point format and make sure there are links to other relevant pages (such as a product catalogue or your About Us page). Too many columns and extra elements can result in fewer conversions, so strive to keep your design clean and free of clutter. Use clean fonts and high resolutions photographs, and make sure the colours that don’t distract but are easy on the eye. The best landing pages are minimal and clean in their appearance, tailor and boost their offering, enhancing and encouraging traffic and most importantly, conversions.

To summarise, creating a great landing page is truly very simple. All one needs to do is adhere to the rules outlined above, and watch your hits and conversion rates soar. Keep it clean, keep your copy relevant and viewers will keep coming. Grab your readers’ attention and make them want to know your site and articles better.

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