Facebook is by far the most popular social media (Web 2.0) network around. Every day companies are joining Facebook to market their products and services to their network connections.

Very often new companies jumping onto the Facebook social media bandwagon makes common mistakes on this network that can damage their brand name and their business.

Find a couple of common mistakes that should really be avoided on Facebook.

Facebook Profile instead of a Fan Page

A Facebook profile is different to a Facebook Fan Page. Facebook Fan Pages are meant for businesses while Facebook profiles are meant for people. A Facebook Fan Page is more valuable to businesses because these pages were created with a wide range of features. These features includes detailed analytics on engagement that can definitely help you understand the effectiveness and reach of your marketing efforts on your Fan Page.

On a Facebook Profile you have to accept friend requests but your Fan Page can get liked by anyone.

Turning off wall posts for your Fan page

Many times businesses turned off the feature where members can post updates and comments on the Wall of the Fan page because they do not want to hear any negative feedback and comments. Most of the times they forget that Facebook is a social networking channel and the whole point of being on Facebook as a business is to communicate and engage with people. To only use Facebook as a one-sided communication tool can prove to be quite harmful to your business in the long run.

No updates on your Fan Page

By just having a Facebook Fan page doesn’t guarantee you brand authority. Your Fan Page should be active where you can engage with your customer and share interesting content. When you start a conversation on your Fan page with the members of that page, their interactions and responses will be shown on their networks, which will definitely help in expanding your social media reach.

Using the events feature incorrectly

Sometimes you will see businesses using the “events” feature of Facebook as a marketing channel to connect with people.  While this definitely works, sending more than 3 invitations per week will label you as a spammer.  If you would like to promote your events, do this once a week and offer enough reasons to attend.

Posting all the time

It is advisable that businesses should not be posting more than one or two updates per day.  Some companies on Facebook post more than six updates a day, sometimes directly after another.  Doing it this way can make you get lost among the noise of the news feed of the person’s activity news feed. To ensure that your message and updates reaches the customer, stick to one or two updates a day spread over the day.

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