Being a copywriter is much more than having a diploma or degree in communication, writing or journalism. Creating powerful pieces is a skill that gets mastered over the years, but much like bad driving, there are certain bad habits that you can pick up along the way. These are 3 of the common copywriting mistakes:

1. Saying the same thing. Again. And Again

As a copywriter, you probably have to keep articles to a certain length. Sometimes you get boring subjects and you’ve written everything you have to say within the first 150 words and you still have to string together another 200 words to complete the article. Simply trying to rewrite the first three paragraphs is pointless because the reader won’t read it and you’re not adding value to the page. If you are struggling to fill the page, try to get another angle on the subject. For example, if you are writing about flower displays, Google “flower display tips” or “step-by-step flower arrangements” so that you can have a tech box filled with bullet points on the subject.

2. Not rereading your article

Everyone makes typo’s or spelling mistakes and the problem is that you don’t usually pick them up when you are busy writing (your eye automatically fixes them when you are thinking of the words). Leave the article for a day and reread it before you send it off – you’ll be surprised about how many little mistakes you pick up the second time around.

3. Trying to be funny

Humour is good – in comic strips or satirical pieces. Corporate clients, however, don’t always want their articles full of puns and jokes. Obviously this will depend on who you are writing for and what the goal of the article is. Remember that not everyone has the same sense of humour and make sure you don’t overdo any humour in your article.

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