Copywriting is all about getting a clear, confident message to your target audience – something that can be far more complicated than it initially seems. Here are five common copywriting mistakes you should be aware of:

  1. Rushed research – Copywriting is often done under significant pressure to get new information out often and on time. This can result in sloppy work where research has not been fact-checked or even done at all. In order for readers to trust the integrity of your work, thorough research and fact-checking is necessary. To help with demands, keep a file of ready to use ideas and inspirational topics that can be used as back-up, and use leading experts in your topic as references.
  2. Poor grammar – This results in lower quality work regardless of the value of your content. Take the time to proof your work or have a colleague check over it with a fresh perspective before you post.
  3. Loosing focus – Keep yourself to the topic at hand and avoid unnecessary irrelevant detail. This will keep your writing concise and directed at your reader. Any intruding ideas can be stored for future articles.
  4. Saying too much or too little – Create a balanced piece of writing – too much information and you will lose your reader’s interest, too little and they will be left unsatisfied. Ask yourself if you are answering the question at hand with enough information to be helpful.
  5.  Forgetting about SEO and keywords – You may have written a fantastic piece of copy, but you need to make sure that people can find it in order to be successful. Always include relevant keywords so that readers can discover your work.

Being aware of common copywriting mistakes will help you to avoid similar situations and get your work to your target audience successfully.

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