Colour is one of the first things that a user will be influenced by when they look at your web design. A talented designer can make almost any colour pallet shine, but it’s no secret that choosing the right colours can really do a lot for creating website appeal.

Here are the top colour choices so far for 2013 to help inspire your next design:

  • Bright, vibrant and luminous. As in the world of designer clothing, neon and bright colours have been making an impact on the world of web design. It’s bright, punchy and eye-catching, but it does need to be balanced with some dark, rich colours to make sure it doesn’t get too blinding. By using it with careful consideration and caution, it can make a website look fresh and young.
  • Colour-blocking. Again, this is a trend that is coming across in the world of fashion as much as it is in the world of web design. In fact, taking some inspiration from outfits you see around you can give you some great ideas. With colour-blocking, any colour can go with any other colour, as long as it is well-defined, solid and crisp. Use the colours of your choice to define a single category or space and it will give you a great minimalist feel.
  • Muted tones. By mixing soft and neutral tones, you’ll create a welcoming atmosphere that will be well-suited to organic, quirky websites that want to be unique without being bold and aggressive. You can often add more detail into web designs with this colour pallet because the colours work well together and create a very soft tone.
  • Greyscale with vibrant elements. While the greyscale gives a simple, soft look, the addition of one or two bright colours helps to draw the eye to what is important on the website to the user. This is a very simple pallet but, like so many simple approaches, it’s very effective and suitable to almost any website.

All four of these trends can provide some great inspiration for getting just the right atmosphere for your website and attracting new users. For more information on web design services, please contact WSI today.

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