Most experienced web designers don’t solely use a CMS to create websites, but many use it as a starting point. Once basic design has been created using a CMS, the details can be finalised with more advanced software or with HTML coding. Whether you use a CMS to create your entire website or just as a place to start, these nifty programmes have brought the art of web design to the masses.

What is a content management system?

For those people not familiar with the world of web design, a content management system (CMS) is a programme that allows a person to create a website without having to worry about all the bits of programming that go into the background. These programmes take all the complicated aspects of web design out of the equation and make it easier for just about anyone to get a website up and running.

There are numerous free ones available for download that can help you make straightforward websites in a couple of minutes without all the hassle of having to code in HTML or worry about whether or not your links are working. But is a CMS the answer to every web designer’s dream?

The pros and cons

The first and obvious advantage would be simplicity. A CMS makes the whole process of web design a thousand times easier and allows you to focus on the design and look of the website rather than on all the details. This means you can spend more time making sure that your website attracts and holds website visitors’ attention rather than worrying about whether it works correctly.

This does come at a price, however. Most CMS allow you almost total freedom of design – but there are almost always elements that you won’t be able to customise. Some CMS’ offer you the chance to edit the code manually to get around this, but not all do.

If you are not too fussed on having control over every little element of the web design, then a CMS is the answer for you. But if you want a truly customised website for your business, get a professional web designer.

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