LinkedIn is an easy way to connect with your target audience and growing your network helps to establish yourself as an expert in your field. Having many connections on LinkedIn is important, as the more first-degree connections you have will exponentially increase the chances of you being found in a LinkedIn search.

Increasing your connections is not that difficult – starting by posting status updates daily. Make sure your posts add value and relate to your business, including a call to action. Like other social platforms, posting regularly gives your connections more opportunity to comment, like and share your post. By the same token, you need to engage with your connections’ posts, by commenting and liking their updates. Join a conversation on popular posts in your industry – it will give you more visibility.

Try to connect with two or three people whenever you get LinkedIn suggested connections – and try to personalise your connection request. Think of how you met, or who your common connection is and work that into a friendly line or two that you can re-use.

Think about adding your LinkedIn URL to your email signature and business card – a prospect can find out a lot of professional information through your LinkedIn profile, which is a more suitable social media platform than Facebook. Your profile is a resume, testimonial, portfolio of projects and proof of value, all in one place, so use it!

Commit to joining a few LinkedIn groups each month and engage with the group regularly. Participating in group discussions and being more visible will give you credibility in your field and show group members you know your business. People are more likely to recommend a familiar face or name.

Use keywords in your profile to make it easier for people to find you. You can manipulate your headline, summary and experience sections with keywords, making you more searchable.

Lastly, publish attractive content on Pulse, LinkedIn’s publishing platform. The upside of this, is that your posts are seen by the whole LinkedIn community, not just your connections. Publish a few times a month to keep your content current. It’s easy to track your success, as you can watch your connections steadily increase.

If your LinkedIn or other profiles need help, contact us. We’ll get your social media strategy on track for building quality connections.

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