There’s hundreds of online social media tools available and it is a must that you understand the usage of these tools and their functionality.  Some of the these tools only caters for a certain audience and type of conversation so it is best to analyze them first before you start using them.

There are many different categories and types of social media channels that might be useful to your business. The most familiar ones that you must have heard about is the consumer-grade social media applications like Facebook and  Twitter, video sharing channels like YouTube and Vimeo and social bookmarking sites such as Stumbleupon and Digg.

Publicity through social media has many advantages.  Most of these online social media tools has thousands if not millions of users, providing companies with instant access to large, specific demographic groups of interests.  Most of the time these tools are generally free of charge.

The free ones

Most of the popular social media channels such as Facebook, MySpace and Twitter is available free and they already have a infrastructure in place and they don’t require any development by the people who uses it.

The companies that owns these sites takes the responsibility for the storage, hosting, data management, security and backups of it. If you are starting a social media campaign for your business, be sure to research and study all the available tools you will be using.  Find below a couple of questions that might be useful in your exploration of social media.

Social media exploration questions

  • Are you going to blog and use your RSS feed effectively?
  • Which social bookmarking sharable networks will you connect with your content?
  • If you are creating a video, to which video sharing websites will you link to it?  If you are going to use YouTube, will you be creating a dedicated channel for it?  Are you going to optimize the channel?
  • Which social networks will you join to start and engaging in?
  • What is your objectives with your social media campaign?
  • Do you want to build trust and credibility?  Visibility?
  • How will you be monitoring your campaign?

As stated earlier, there’s hundreds of social media tools but they cannot be used if you don’t know exactly what you can do with them and what their benefits are.  Comment below or contact us if you require additional information on all the different social media tool available.

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