content_checklistContent marketing, for the uninitiated, is the process of creating online content with the aim of getting people to read it and take action through visiting your website. It’s an effective way to drive traffic to your site when the content you are creating is of good quality and part of a well thought out marketing strategy.

Here is a checklist of content that creates value:

  1. Blogs. Consumers use the Internet to find solutions to their problems, and that’s where a blog comes in. Here, you can write on hundreds of topics related to your company where your products and services are presented as a solution to the potential customer’s problem. It’s important to keep in mind that this isn’t a hard-sell approach – rather, you are giving the user some great practical advice and then following that with your product or service as a suggestion to help them out further. By using keywords that users are typing into search engines as well as link back to your website in your blog, you will be helping your brand’s visibility and rankings, making your products and services easier to find.
  2. Articles. Whether they are about company product launches, team-building exercises or other newsworthy events, articles are great exposure for your brand and business. By including keywords and website links, your articles will promote your company, help your rankings and keep your consumers in the loop about any exciting, positive news.
  3. Social media posts. Social media platforms are a great way to keep in touch one-on-one with your customer base in a more informal setting. Here, you can respond instantly to concerns, break news, offer competitions and promote launches – all while getting your brand out there and putting a human face on your marketing strategy.

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