The internet is part of our daily lives. We connect with friends, search for information, read the news and use it for work.

The public do not usually trust CEOs. They trust their peers, the media and their friends. Many times, people don’t even see CEOs as a credible spokesperson for a company. To overcome this, the modern CEOs must:

  • Share their stories in personal ways,
  • Be accessible to their employees, and
  • Even be accessible to the public (to an extent).

Audiences want CEOs to be able to connect and build trust. Social media channels can help CEOs connect with people, but a shocking amount of CEOs have no social media presence. While LinkedIn is the B2B social media platform, a CEO should be actively using other relevant channels such as Twitter, Facebook and even Snapchat and Instagram, for example.

Social media represents a cultural shift, not just a technological one. It’s now a necessity for CEOs to be on social media to connect with their audience.

Here are a few things that CEO’s can do if they want to start being more active on social media:

  • Share your company’s content:

If your business is creating blog posts, case studies or white papers, then you can share this content on social media.

  • Write LinkedIn Pulse blogs:

LinkedIn’s publishing platform is a great way for you to share thoughts, opinions and commentary in your industry. Set aside an hour or two every few weeks to create a LinkedIn Pulse blog and ask your staff members to re-share it online.

  • Connect and Network On Social Media:

If you attend a conference or event, make sure you are tweeting and using the conference hashtag. Follow people that you meet at these events and re-share their content.

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